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Southern Biscuits

Layered, fluffy, feathery, silky, soft, and velvety biscuits all come together in Southern Biscuits, a book of recipes and baking secrets for every biscuit imaginable. Filled with beautiful photography, including dozens of how-to photos showing how to mix, stir, fold, roll, and knead, Southern Biscuits is the definitive biscuit baking book.

Breakfast shrimp and grits” has long been a staple of the South Carolina Lowcountry, the favored morning repast during the busy summer shrimp season. Now, renowned Southern cuisine maven and author Nathalie Dupree is pleased to offer an entire cookbook dedicated to this famed Southern dish that will inspire people around the world to discover its appeal and versatility for any meal!
Hardback $21.95

Sometimes we welcome friends and family into our home with joy and gladness; sometimes we just get cornered. But all those times can be made more pleasurable if you take to heart the principles of comfortable entertaining."

Learn the elements, and the flourishes will come easily. Practice the entertaining basics, and you will gain the confidence to add the fanfare. Once you are comfortable, you will always be ready to welcome people into your home with ease and grace. Hardback $30

In this book: all the cooking artistry, the gift for teaching, the clear, relaxed confidence-inspiring tone that have won an enthusiastic audience for the author's twenty-six part public television series, "New Southern Cooking with Nathalie Dupree."

Every dish she cooks on her television series is here, and a great many more - 350 recipes in all, encompassing the best of Southern culinary tradition and innovation: simple dishes, elaborate dishes, dishes for every meal, course, and occasion.

New in paperback $19.95 Hardback $15

Welcome to Nathalie Dupree's South, a place of ladies' luncheons, bake sales, fresh fish dinners, and pit barbecue, where time seems to move a bit more slowly and fresh, flavorful food is an indispensable part of everyday life. For years, PBS host and author Nathalie Dupree has led the renaissance of Southern cooking, bringing the best of the region's fare to the country. Now she recalls the people and the places that have shaped her philosophy of cooking and entertaining in Nathalie Dupree's Southern Memories, the culmination of her lasting love affair with Southern food and Southern living.

New in Paperback $24.95

Nathalie Dupree Cooks Quick Meals for Busy Days

A guide for easy-to-fix, simple, home-cooked recipes which can be made in under an hour. Hardback

Nathalie Dupree Cooks Great Meals for Busy Days

Delicious food and easy entertaining for a less-than-perfect world. Hardback $19

Nathalie Dupree Cooks Everyday Meals from a Well-Stocked Pantry

Strategies for shopping less and eating better. Hardback $20.00

The companion to PBS's Nathalie Dupree Cooks for Family and Friends, this is a book for people who know that getting a meal on the table can be a chaotic affair, complete with interruptions from kids, spouses, pets, telephones, and doorbells.

Shares more than 300 recipes for a variety of occasions from down-home cooking, to casual entertaining, to more elegant meals.

With stories and guidelines as well as recipes, this is a reading book as well as a cooking book. Hardback $15

In Matters of Taste, Nathalie Dupree gives us recipes drawn from all over America, encompassing some of the diverse ethnic influences that make up today's melting pot of cooking.

There are twenty-seven menus - something for every occasion - with recipes that are fresh, flavorful, varied, and often easy to prepare ahead.


Recipe Index

Looking for a special recipe? For your convenience, we've created a "Master Index" of all of Nathalie's published recipes.