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Nathalie Dupree's Comfortable Entertaining: At Home with Ease & Grace

A beautiful book, winner of the James Beard Award for Entertaining, that will help the novice and the experienced alike.

"If you've watched my television show, you know that perfect is not my thing!" says Nathalie Dupree, and in Comfortable Entertaining she has written the book that gives us permission -- at long last-- to entertain in a less than perfect world.

A much-loved cookbook and television personality, Nathalie Dupree has thrown parties on rooftops and in tiny apartments from San Francisco to Rome to Social Circle, Georgia. She has entertained as a young professional on a tight budget, a television personality, and cooking teacher; planned galas for hundreds and put on last-minute get-togethers. Her award-winning cookbooks have sold more than half a million copies, but Comfortable Entertaining is the book that shows us how to do what Nathalie does best -- create spontaneous hospitality and great food.

This full-range cookbook features more than 250 life-is-not-perfect recipes, from the holiday classics to an eye-popping formal dinner for eight: from soup parties and brunches to fork meals and salad lunches. Nathalie reminds us of correct napkin and tablecloth procedures and explains how to seat feuding guests and what to do when dinner burns minutes before the guest arrive.

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